My Child Is Loving His Time At Cypress Preschool

My Child Is Loving His Time At Cypress Preschool

As my son started to grow up, I could tell he wasn’t getting all of the stimulation he needed hanging around at home. It was time to get him into a good preschool. Like any good parent, I started studying my local preschool options carefully, and I talked the matter over with a lot of other parents I knew. When I was first learning about my choices I confess, I found things a little overwhelming. My son is my only child, so I don’t have any prior preschool experiences to fall back on.

One of my friends has two children who are both older than my son; I asked her if she had enrolled them in a preschool or daycare program. In the case of her family, the two kids did fine at home because they could keep each other company. Her sister, though, had put her children through preschool just a few years earlier. My friend promised to talk to her sister on my behalf and dig up some information for me. By her accounting, her sister’s kids loved their preschool and even felt sorry to leave it for regular school when they grew up a little more. They talked fondly about their teachers and all the friends they made during their time there. I was eager to learn exactly which school had made such a positive impression on these kids.

In just a few hours, my friend called me back and said the school she had been talking about was Cypress preschool. Once I knew the name (The Genesis Academy), I was able to do some research of my own on the internet. It was very easy to locate the school’s site, and I also found a lot of online reviews about this preschool. Everything I saw was wildly encouraging; virtually all of the parents who put their children in Cypress preschool had great things to say about the program.

Encouraged by the positive information I uncovered, I went ahead and called the school about enrolling my son. They explained all of the steps I would need to go through to get my son started, and said I could either receive the necessary paperwork in the mail or come by the school to fill it out in person.

As soon as the paperwork was handled – a process which I found refreshingly easy – the school called me up about scheduling my son’s preschool attendance. He was able to start going to Cypress preschool within a week.

My son is having a splendid time there. He loves the teachers who work with him, and he’s making lots of friends. I’ve already received great feedback from his teachers; they say he’s socializing well and is a pleasure to teach. These days he actually enjoys the weekends less because he wants to be at school all the time! I’m very glad I went looking for educational opportunities for my son, and he’s absolutely loving his preschool experience. I’m also grateful that my friend pointed me towards Cypress preschool because it is a perfect fit with my son’s needs.